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Standards and Implementation

KSDE Math Standards Website PageThe 2010 Kansas Mathematics Standards that were adopted by the State Board of Education in August have been posted. In this document you will find the adopted standards for grades K-12 as well as important front matter information which is vital in the implementation of the standards. Additionally, you will find a comparison document which highlights the changes that took place from the 2010 Math Standards to the 2017 Math Standards.  Both of these documents can be found at the above link:

CCSS Appendix A - document that looks at structure of math courses in middle and high school and the standards covered

KSDE 7-12 Geometry Progressions – NEW 3/2016 -They have finally released the Grades 7 through High School Geometry Progression. 

USD #365 Local K-5 Math Progressions Chart

2015 Math Curriculum Development Powerpoint from meeting

New 4-2016  updated Kindergarten, 7th, and 8th grade flip books

KATM Math Flipcharts - The Common Core “FlipBooks” are a compilation of research, “unpacked” standards from many states, instructional strategies and examples for each standard at each grade level. The intent is to show the connections to the Standards of Mathematical Practices for the content standards and to get detailed information at each level.  You will have to scroll down page a little to find the flipcharts.

Ohio Department of Education Learning Progressions for Mathematics

Arizona Progression Documents for the Math Common Core Standards

Engageny - Curriculum and Instruction Website from New York Department of Education

Eureka Math - . Now there’s a meticulously crafted, comprehensive mathematics curriculum that meets the needs of teachers, trainers, and students.  Eureka Math to Serve as Comprehensive Solution to Connect CCSS to Effective Math Instruction

Common Core Sheets - Here's an awesome site that has math worksheets for each standard in each grade.

Math Manipulative:  Lattice Multplication Templete - approved by the state as math manipulative for students

Implementing the Math Practices

14-15 Middle School Math Courses Infographic

HS Math in Middle School

KS Mathematics Extended Review Tool

K-5 Numbers and Operations in Base Ten Progressions

6-7 Ratio and Proportional Relationaships Progressions




KSDE Math Website Page

KATM Math Organization webiste of resources

Granite Schools.org – The site below takes you to the vocabulary lists AND cards AND lists for K-HS.  On the right side you'll see activities and tasks.  If you have Marzano's book: Developing Academic Vocabulary, you'll notice that many of these tasks and activities are similar to those in his book.

Elementary Math online calculator - online resource to practice with kids using an online calculator tool

Word Problem Generator - sent out by Melissa Fast February 2015

Khan Academy Resources

Illustrative Mathematics Resources

Dan Myer Blog

Dan Meyer:  Math Class Needs a Makeover

Here are some great resources from NCTM.


Pre-K–Grade 2 Lesson: How Many Letters Are in Your Name?    

  Review the numbers 1–10 with this Illuminations classic.

Grades 3–5 Lesson: Exploring with Math Trails 

  Find math in the real world using this customizable lesson.


Grades 6–8 Lesson: Sticks and Stones
  Explore probability concepts in this game-based lesson. 


Grades 9–12 Lesson: Supply and Demand

  Solve systems of linear equations by analyzing supply-and-demand problems.


Tools for Common Core Standards

Classroom Examples and tools for math

fortheteachers.org - Curriculum resources, and Instructional resources for all subjects.

Math Resources for Upper Grades


K-5 Common Core Math Lessons

Inside Mathematics

XP Math Games

Math Resources and Sites for Common Core

Helping with Math

Learn Zillions - LearnZillion puts teacher power at your fingertips. Featuring 2,000+ high quality lessons by top teachers - all aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  Explore math video lessons from grades 3-9. Search by Common Core domain, topic, or grade. Includes Additional Practice and Director's Commentary videos

Assessment Information

KSDE Math Assessment Website Page

CETE KAP Math Page - this is the content area page in the kansas assessment program website

CETE KAP Math Formative Assessment Tools page - this is formative tools in KAP website for Math

Math Update April 2016

Math Update January 2016

Math Update March 2015

Math Update February 2015

Math PerformanceTask Update - January 2015

2015 Math Assessment Update October 2014

Elementary Math online calculator - online resource to practice with kids using an online calculator tool

Word Problem Generator - sent out by Melissa Fast February 2015

2015 Math Manipulatives

2015 Rubric for Math Manipulatives

Links to Sample Performance Tasks & Exemplary Lessons (all content areas)