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2017-2018 Mentoring Team

2017 - 2018 Mentoring Team

(* new to the profession)


Elementary:  Kim Miller, coordinator

Anna Markert with Lisa Falls (WES – 2nd Year)

Kim Nienstedt with Kim Miller (GES – 1st Year)

*Emilea Peine with Kim Miller (GES – 1st Year)

Bayley Linn with Jayme Secrest (USD 365 Tech. – 1st Year)

Ashley Bures with Rachel Umbarger (GES PreK – 1st Year)


Secondary:  Mike Sibley, coordinator

Ryan Metcalf with Amy Carey (WES – 1st Year)

*Lucas Catloth with Mike Sibley (ACJSHS – 1st Year)

Karl Buller with Bryan Johnston (ACJSHS – 2nd Year)

Stacey Richards with Stacey Hedges (ACJSHS – 2nd Year)