K-12 Sciene Resources & LInks

Standards and Implementation

KSDE Science Standards Website Page

NGSS Topic Cards to help vertically align our curriculum

KS 4-year draft Implementation Plan

K-12 Framework for Science Education Document

K-12 Summary Brief of the Framework for Science Education Document

NGSS Flow Chart

Introduction to the KS NGSS

How to read the KS NGSS

NGSS by topic

NGSS by discipline

Course Mapping for MS and HS Science - updated version 8-2013

NGSS Connection to CC Math

NGSS Connection to CC ELA

Science Deconstructing Standards Powerpoint

Unit of Study Template for Science

CS3 Team Course Mapping Core Ideas Cards

CS3 Team Course Mapping Middle School Component Idea Cards

CS3 Team Course Mapping High School Component Idea Cards

Year Overview Template

Year Overview Template for Elementary



KSDE Science Website page

Next Generation Science Website page

NGSS Topic Cards to help vertically align our curriculum

Matt Krehbiel’s with KSDE Science update Webinar - October 11, 2013

Nutrients For Life - great resource for teachers on many different science topics.  Have lesson plans, curriculum modules and ideas for all grade levels.  The focus is mainly on plant and soil sciences as well as protecting the envoronment.  All lessons and resources are aligned to the new NGSS and are ready to use.  Check it out and enjoy!


Assessment Information

KSDE Science Assessment Website Page

CETE KAP Science Page - this is the content area page in the kansas assessment program website

Science Update October 2014

NGSS Assessment Update from KSDE Conference

2015 Science Elementary Tested Indicators

2015 Science MS Tested Indicators

2015 Science HS Tested Indicators

Links to Sample Performance Tasks & Exemplary Lessons (all content areas)