State Assessment Resources

Local District State Assessment Information

2016 District Assessment Testing ScheduleUdpated 2/24/16 testing schedule for each building in the district

2016 Local Testing Subject Details Detail assessment information by subject area.  More details are on Assessment Overview sheet in the General Resources Section

Kansas Annual Assessment Schedule from 2015-2017 - Chart showing the state assessments scheduled to be given each year.


Annual Assessment Staff Security,Ethics,and Protocal Training Documents

2016 Staff Security Training Powerpoint from January In-Service 

2016 Video from the January In-Service

2016 Appropriate Testing Practices Handout

2016 State Monitor Assurance Checklist for Test Security and Ethics - document that indicates what the state looks for if your building is chosen for a monitor visit.

2015 Staff Security Training Powerpoint from January Inservice - "To Infinity and Beyond"

2015 "What's New for 2014-15 State Assessment video from January Inservice

8 Ethical Tests

KSDE Test Security Guidelines for Districts - gives details of the roles and responsibilities at District, Building, teacher levels




KITE Information and Test Administration Resources

Kansas Assessment Program Website (KAP) -

KITE Educator Portal -

2016 Assessment Examiner's Manual -  State Department of Education Annual Manual that consists of a wide variety of assessment information.  This document is to be used as you administer the assessment to your students.

NEW! KITE Educator's Guide to KITE Client - Updated February 2016!!!  check to see if you have the latest version!!!!!

Instructions for Practice Tests - this document gives directions for teachers and students in completing the practice tests.  Practice tests are not content specific.  There are only three available and they are by grade span:  Elementary ELA and Math ( grades 3-5),  Middle School ELA and Math  (grades 6-8) and High School ELA and Math (grades 9-11).  The only purpose of this test is to learn how to use the software.  Password and login information for the practice test are on the last page of the document.

KITE Educator Portal Manual - This is a link to the Educator Portal Manual that CETE is in the process of updating so check back often   When the link opens scroll down on the page until you see the sections of the manual.  You will not need all the information. Sections 1 - 8 are all that you will need.  Paula and I do all of the sections after 10. 

Technology Enhanced Items Powerpoint - this is a pdf of a  presentation by CETE with examples of what the technology enhanced items will look like on the assessment.  It is only screen shots of the questions.

Local KITE Educator Portal Help Document - locally created to help in process of creating test sessions and getting students logged in.  This is for the formatives that have actual questions and are  content and grade level specific.  The document below also explains this process.  READ BEFORE YOU DO FORMATIVE TESTS.  This fills in some missing information in the document below.

UPDATED:  KITE Educator Portal for Creating a Practice Formative Test SessionManual to use for setting up formative tests created by CETE by subject and grade for students to practice.  Document above should be used when doing this.

NEW!  Video on how to create Formative tests in KITE

Student Practice Test  with Technology-Enhanced Items - this document explains a practice test available in KITE that allows students to interact with some of the different types of technology-enhanced items that they will see on the assessment.  (can show the pdf presentation to students before they actually do this one and practice - that document is below.)




General Assessment Resources

2015-16 Kansas Asssessment Overview - chart detailing everythinng about each content areas being tested

2016 Accommodations Manual - this manual provides the guidelines for determining accommodations for students

2016 Tools and Accommodation for The Kansas Assessment Program - explanation of accommodations available to student during testing

Accommodation Information to use Scribing on the State Assessment - must be followed if using a scribe as accommodation

2014-15 CETE Changes to the Kansas Summative Assessment Presentation - this is a pdf of apresentation that gives the changes to the summative assessment for the 2014-15 testing season.

2013-14 CETE Transitional Assessment Presentation - this is a pdf of a presentation that gives a descriptive of the 2014 transitional assessment make-up .  It includes general assessment information as well as by subject area specifics - ELA, Math, and Special Education accommodations




MDPT - Multi-Disciplinary Performance Tasks Information

KAP Informational Website for MDPTs and Math Performance tasks - The Kansas Assessment Program has launched a new web page with information regarding scoring of the Multidisciplinary Performance Tasks (MDPTs) and the Mathematics Performance Tasks (PTs). This new page is a Frequently Asked Questions page, with responses to the most common questions so far.

KAP Performance Task scorer training:  training information for teachers that volunteered to score MDPT's/performance items this spring  2016 MDPT resources, prompts, and scored student responses (6th and 8th grade only for this year) from field test materials. They have been posted to the ELA portal:

Tips sheet for taking and administering the MDPT - 3/30/15: 

Policy update/clarification for the Multidisciplinary Performance Task (MDPT) – January 29, 2015 by Lee Jones KSDE

Updated Information  about the Multidisciplinary Performance Assessment Tasks (MDPT)

MDPT Presentation Recording Now Available:  The Multidisciplinary Performance Task will be field tested in 2015. A recorded presentation explaining the development of the task, the development of the scoring rubrics, and what students will experience during the task is now available. You can find the presentation here:

Sample Multidisciplinary Performance Tasks and Accompanying Guide - Throughout this past fall, a group of Kansas educators who are experts in writing instruction worked to develop sample Multidisciplinary Performance Tasks for use by Kansas educators. The samples provided below are intended for use by Kansas educators wishing to gain greater insight into what students will experience during the MDPT. They may be used with students, or used as examples for educators to create similar performance tasks for students using existing course curriculum.  When get to webpage scroll down until you see the guide and the samples.
We recommend first accessing the "MDPT Sample GUIDE", which will explain how the samples are organized, and possibly answer questions you may have about them. As additional samples become available, they will be posted below

Links to Sample Performance Tasks & Exemplary Lessons (all content areas)

HGSS mdpt examples

Preparing Students for Writing on Demand

KSDE Rubric for MDPT Grade 3-5 - Opinion

KSDE Rubric for MDPT Grades 6-8 - Argument

KSDE Rubric for MDPT High School - Argument