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Mentoring Calendar 2022 - 2023

2022-2023  Mentoring Dates

All GES, GRE and WES Mentors and Mentees will meet from 4:00-5:00p.m. at Greeley Elementary.  

ALL ACJSHS Mentors will meet for a “mentors only” meeting at 4:15 p.m. in room 129 of the high school (Mr. Sibley’s room).  They will meet along with their Mentees on these dates from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the same place.

Throughout the year, Mentors and Mentees will meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly depending on your experience thus far), and then we meet as an entire group monthly. 

These meetings are REQUIRED

Mentees recieve FLEX hours for attendance and Mentors may claim PDP points for their time. 

You are expected to SAVE THE DATES and clear your schedule to attend.

August 15th – 11:30 in the High School Commons – this will be a short organizational meeting.

Sept. 7th – Map Data, Testing and gameplanning- Class Management

 Get Book Study Books

Oct. 5th – Conferences, Parent Relations and preparing for a subsitute

BOOK STUDY: Item 5 – Engaging Student Interest

Nov. 2nd  – Paras, IEPS, Referrals

BOOK STUDY: Item 6 – Meaningful Interaction

Dec. 7th  – Getting Ready for the End of the Semester

BOOK STUDY: Item 7 and 8 – Respectful Classrooms


Jan. 4th – Starting the second half of the year

BOOK STUDY: Item 1 – Using Standards
Feb. 1st  – State Testing

BOOK STUDY: Item 2 – Setting Personal Learning Goals
Mar. 1st  – State Assesments and Curriculum Adjustments

BOOK STUDY: Item 9 – Making the Most of Every Minute
Apr. 5th – The Last 60 days

BOOK STUDY: Item 12– Helping Students do Something With Their Learning
May 3rd  – Finishing Strong

Article for Team Players:  Working with Veteran Teachers: Advice to New Teachers