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State Assessment Resources

Local District State Assessment Information

2019-2020 District Assessment Testing Schedule – testing schedule for each building in the district 

2019-2020 Local District Assessment Program – Information on the Assessment given in USD #365


Annual Assessment Staff Security, Ethics, and Protocol Training Documents

2019-2020 Test Security Guidelines – details of jobs and responsibilities for state assessments and the Monitor Visit checklist document that the state uses if your building is chosen for a monitor visit

2019-2020 Appropriate Testing Practices handout

2019-2020 Test Security and Ethics Fact Sheet

2019-2020 Staff Assessment and Security Training Powerpoint from January In-Service 

2018-2019 Staff Security Training PowerPoint form the January In-Service


Dynamic Learning Maps Information and Test Administration Resources

Kansas DLM Assessment website link

KITE Information and Test Administration Resources

Kansas Assessment Program Website (KAP) -

KITE Educator Portal –

2019-2020 Assesment Examiner’s Manual – State Department of Education Annual Manual that consists of a wide variety of assessment information.  This document is to be used as you administer the assessment to your students

2019-2020 Student Portal Educator Guide

2019-2020 KITE Technology Practice Testing Guide

Link to the Math Assessment Resouce sheet – grade-level resource sheet that can be used on the math assessment

Link to the Assessment Development Guides for ELA, Math, and Science

2019-2020 Interim Users Manual  

Guide to Understanding the Predictive Interim Score Report – a guide that will help you understand the predictive interim student score reports



General Assessment Resources

2019-2020 Kansas Assessment Overview - chart detailing everything about each content areas being tested

Accommodations Manual - this manual provides the guidelines for determining accommodations for students

2019-2020 Tools and Accommodation for The Kansas Assessment Program - explanation of accommodations available to the student during testing

2019-2020 Accommodation by KAP testing program


KELPA2 Assessment Resources

KELPA At A Glance

2020 KELPA testing information

KELPA Examiner’s Manual 

KELPA Scoring At A Glance – Coming Soon


Assessment Scoring Resources
KAP Scale Scores, Performance Level Descriptors, Cut Scores
KAP Interpretive Guide to Summative Score Reports for Educators

Relating Kansas Assessment Program Scores To ACT Scores

Spanish Translation

Interim Score Reports

Accessing Score Reports in Educator Portal
KAP Interpretive Guide to Interim Reports 

KELPA Score Reports

KELPA Educator Guide - Coming Soon