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State Assessment Resources

Local District State Assessment Information

2018-2019 District Assessment Testing Schedule - testing schedule for each building in the district

2018-2019 Local Testing Subject DetailsDetail assessment information by subject area.  More details are on Assessment Overview sheet in the General Resources Section


Annual Assessment Staff Security,Ethics,and Protocal Training Documents

2018-2019 Test Security Guidelines – details of jobs and responsibilities and the Monitor Visit checklist document that the state uses if your building is chosen for a monitor visit.

2018-19 Appropriate Testing Practice Handout

2018-2019 Test Security and Ethics Fact Sheet

2018-2019 District and Building Test Coordinator Responsibilities

2018-2019 Staff Security Training powerpoint form the January In-Service

2017-2018 Staff Security Training from January In-Service –

2016 Staff Security Training Powerpoint from January In-Service 

2016 Video from the January In-Service


Dynamic Learning Maps Information and Test Administration Resources

Kansas DLM Assessment website link

KITE Information and Test Administration Resources

Kansas Assessment Program Website (KAP) -

KITE Educator Portal -

2018-19 Assessment Examiner's Manual -  State Department of Education Annual Manual that consists of a wide variety of assessment information.  This document is to be used as you administer the assessment to your students.

2018-2019 Student Portal Educator Guide

2018-2019 KITE Technology Practice Test document

2018-2019 Link to the Math Assessment Resouce sheet – grade level resource sheet that can be used on the math assessment

2017-2018 Interim Users Manual – KSDE manual that provides information for teachers on administering and settin up the interim assessment for their students

NEW!  2017-2018 Guide to Understanding the Predictive Interim Score Report –  guide that will help you understand the predictive interim student score reports



General Assessment Resources

2018-19 Kansas Asssessment Overview - chart detailing everythinng about each content areas being tested

2018-19 Accommodations Manual - this manual provides the guidelines for determining accommodations for students

2018-19 Tools and Accommodation for The Kansas Assessment Program - explanation of accommodations available to student during testing


KELPA2 Assessment Resources

KELPA2 Fact Sheet

KELPA2 Examiner’s Manual

KELPA2 Interactive Practice


MDPT - Multi-Disciplinary Performance Tasks Information

Links to Sample Performance Tasks & Exemplary Lessons (all content areas)

HGSS mdpt examples

Preparing Students for Writing on Demand

KSDE Rubric for MDPT Grade 3-5 - Opinion

KSDE Rubric for MDPT Grades 6-8 - Argument

KSDE Rubric for MDPT High School - Argument