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Coaches Corner

Welcome, Coaches! 

This site is just for you, mentors!!  Keep up-to-date with the latest mentoring strategies!

The Good Mentor - As formal mentoring programs gain popularity, the need for identifying and preparing good mentors grows.  This article focuses on ways to be a good mentor.


Resources for Coaches Mentoring New Teachers

Best practice resources on mentoring.
This site concentrates almost exclusively on teacher mentoring. There are toolkits and lots of “how-to’s” about setting up programs—most of the info is for sale but not too expensive.

Mentoring and supporting new teachers.

Edutopia on resources for mentors.


Resources for Coaches Mentoring Veteran Teachers

7 Renewal Strategies for Veteran Teachers:  Address these seven factors to ensure that faculty are challenged and supported throughout the entire life cycle of their career.


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