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2020 - 2021 Mentoring Team

2020 - 2021 Mentoring Team

(* new to the district)


Elementary:  Kim Miller, coordinator

*Chelsea Winter with Lisa Falls (WES - 2nd Year)

Haley Riebel with Anna Dodd (WES - 2nd Year)

Megan Guss with Kim Miller (GES – 2nd Year)

*Steven Wilson with Mackayla Martin (GES – Veteran)

*Andrea Wiesner with Jayme Secrest (GRE – 1st Year)

*Amanda Tkaczyk with Terry Messick (GRE – 1st Year)


Secondary:  Mike Sibley, coordinator

*Kyra Elliott with Vicki Markham (ACHS – 1st year)

*Roberto Barrera with Vicki Markham (ACHS – Veteran)

Natasha Goetz with Michael Sibley (ACJSHS – 1st year)

Brian Lollman with Michael Sibley (ACJSHS – 2nd year)

Maria Bowman with Brad Sarver (ACJSHS – 1st year)

*Sandra Payne with Brad Sarver (ACJSHS – Veteran)

*Elizabeth Dyer with Stacey Richards (ACHS – 1st year)

*Jacob Gerber with Nicole Stevenson (ACJSHS – 1st year)

Steven Lamer with Janay Blome (Alt. School – 2nd Year)

*Tate Shumard with Jessica Lee (ACJSHS – 2nd year)