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2023 - 2024 Mentoring Team

2023 - 2024 Mentoring Team

(* new to the district)


Elementary:  Chrystal Wittman, coordinator

*Tami Carver with Kim Miller (GRE – 1st Year/Transition)

*Stephanie Moore with Kim Miller (GRE – 1st Year)

Aubrey Foster with Chrystal Wittman  (GRE – 2nd Year)

Ashli Webber with Lisa Fall (WES – 2nd Year)

*Lauren Schafer with Lisa Fall (WES – 1st Year)

Bailey Ratliff with Bayley Linn (GES – 2nd Year)

*Jessica Miller with Bayley Linn (GES – Veteran)

Secondary:  Mike Sibley, coordinator

Shalaine Blazic with Heather Corley (ACJSHS – 2nd Year/Transition)

Amanda Kueser with Mike Sibley (ACJSHS – 2nd Year/Transition)

Rosa Hammond with Nicole Stevenson (ACJSHS – 2nd Year/Transition)

*Sydney Pope with Luke Catloth (ACJSHS – 1st Year)

Jake Smith with Luke Catloth (ACJSHS – 2nd Year)

Roger Raddatz with Jeremy Ball (ACJSHS/WES – 2nd Year)

Vance Gorman with Stacey Richards (Alt. School – 2nd Year)