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Instruction: Units of Study, Lessons & CITW Instructional Strategies

Classroom Instruction that Works Strategies & Resources

Marzano Essential Nine Strategies

Curriculum Instruction that Works Strategies - Blooms Web & Blooms Strategies Chart

Curriculum Instruction that Works Framework

Key Knowledge Inservice Handout for all three days of CITW training

Day 1:  Create the Environment for Learning (Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback, Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition, Cooperative Learning)

CITW 8-12-13 Powerpoint

KWHL Chart for Setting Objectives

Tracking and Feedback sheet and quiz

Feedback for tracking student learning samples

Effort and Achievement Connection Self-Assessment

Day 2:  Develop Understanding (Cues, Questions, & Advance Organizers, Nonlinguistic Representation, Summarizing & Notetaking

CITW 1-20-14 Powerpoint

CITW 1-20-14 Handouts

Marzano Interacting with new knowledge strategies

Day 3:  Extend & Apply Knowledge ( Assigning Homework & Providing Practice, Identifying Similarities & Differences, Generating & Testing Hypotheses)

CITW 2-17-14 Powerpoint

Marzano Comparing and Contrasting Strategies