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Powerschool Parent Portal Instructions

Setting Up Your Single Sign-On Parent Portal Account Account

Connect to PowerSchool Parent Portal Website -

Creating Your New Account:

  1. Go to “Create Account”
  2. On the “Create Parent Account” page, fill in
    a. YOUR first name
    b. YOUR last name
    c. YOUR email address
    d. desired username (this is the username you want to use to log in)
    e. password (this is the password you want to use to log in)
  3. At the bottom of this page, it will say, “Link Students to Account.” 
    a. Enter your student’s name and you will need to call the school your child attends or the district office to receive the Access ID and Access Password. You can enter their name any way you choose to identify them, but the Access IDs and Access Passwords are unique to each student and you will need to call to obtain them. District office phone number is 785-448-6155.
    b. Choose from the drop down menu YOUR relationship TO the student (mother, father, etc.).
    c. Continue the “Link Students to Accounts” process until you have linked all your students to your new account.
  4. Click the “Enter” button at bottom right.

You’re done! Now you need only remember the new Single Sign-on Username and Password that you have just created to access all of the students that you have linked to your account.

Selecting from Multiple Students
To selectfrom multiple students when you log in to the parent portal, just choose a name from the tabs that are listed in the upper left-hand corner of each page to view that student’s information.

Linking a student to an account you have already created: 
Log in using the Username and Password that you created.
The “Grades and Attendance” screen will appear.
Choose “Account Preferences” at the bottom left of this screen.
The “Profile” screen will appear. Click on the “Students” link directly to the right.
On the “Students” screen it will list those students whom you have permission to access, and to the far right there is a bar that says, “Add+”.
Click the “Add+” to add a student to your account.  (Remember – you will have to have the student’s original Access ID and Access Password in order to add them to your account.)

If you have problems with linking to an account you already have the school or district office can help you. Please call if you need to.

Remember to write down the username and password you create.  If you forget your username or password, there is a link on the log-in page and the system will email it directly to the email address on file.